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Why Work With Us

This is simple. There are many technology staffing, recruiting, and consulting firms to work with, but

  • Are you their priority?
  • Do they have the depth of technical knowledge to screen candidates well?
  • Do they understand how to ensure a candidate has a great experience?
  • Do they learn about your environment to ensure that the best talent is matched to your needs?

We are a technology consulting and staffing firm that brings deep technical experience. We ensure that we know our client’s business environment and their specific needs for the best fit. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, technical associates, and candidates.

Let us prove it.

Technology Consulting

Our team identifies the specific needs and goals of our candidates and clients. We provide a collaborative approach ensuring a mutually successful relationship for everyone involved.

Whether you are looking for a contract or direct-hire opportunity, OSTechnical™ always treats you as a priority. Be sure to check out the OSTechnical ™ Difference.

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Your Career Matters

OSTechnical™  is committed to providing enriching opportunities to qualified IT professionals. We are dedicated to working with you to understand your needs and goals.

We maintain a focus on treating people well, providing a quality service and truly caring about your career success. We want to know every aspect of your career to find you a great opportunity that matches.

Growing careers is what we do. Please see our online testimonials.

From learning about your preferences to your past roles and successes while getting to know you as a person 

Family First.

Won’t you be a part of our family?

Whether you need to hire or are the one
being hired, OSTechnical ™ is ready to assist you!

About Us

OSTechnical™ was founded in April of 1998. Its founders started OSTechnical™  because they felt like they could contribute more effectively with a direct approach to IT projects and hiring while quickly adapting to their client’s needs. Our founders believed they could truly help IT job seekers and companies with a personal touch.

OSTechnical™  understands that candidates and clients can feel like they are on an endless rollercoaster, along their project staffing and hiring journeys. We may have some ups and down along the way but we’ll be enjoying the ride together.

Get off the staffing rollercoaster and try something different! OSTechnical™  has the skilled recruiters and expertise to make the perfect match.