Let OSTechnical™ smooth out the wild ride of finding your next opportunity!

Why Choose OSTechnical ™

Searching for your next contract assignment or direct hire position can feel like being a rollercoaster.

OSTechnical™  is there for you throughout the process and will strive to assist you to your destination and will advocate for your candidacy.

Your Career Advocate

We are certainly going to care about your very next position, but we care equally about your career plan. What is next for you professionally? Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Do you want to have a remote role to spend more time with your family or do you want to relocate? We take your personal and professional goals to heart and find you the right technology role with the right employer. 

We advocate for our candidates to the employers we work with. 

OSTechnical™  recruiters listen to your values, desires, interests and passions and find you a company environment where you will succeed and thrive.

Connecting People & Technology

Today everyone must be resourceful in leveraging technology but not at the expense of truly connecting. We are starting to lose real relational interactions in the hiring process and that is why OSTechnical™  believes it is so important to know our technology clients and candidates.

Our IT candidates are not just a resume to us and our IT clients are not just a paycheck. Building relationships, learning about your goals and finding you the right technology fit is what we do best.

Let OSTechnical™  Make your next connection!

What We Do

OSTechnical™  matches technology talent to critical projects and opportunities.

Whether you are a technology candidate or client, we have the resources and expertise to find you your next best fit.

  1. Applications Development + Architecture
  2. Project Management
  3. Database Management
  4. Managed Services
  5. Infrastructure Services
  6. ERP

Life Work Balance

You have heard the term “work-life balance” but now we are entering into a world where people are seeing the value in a healthy “life-work balance”. What does this mean?
A healthy life-work balance means different things to different people, depending on your situation. It’s not so much about splitting your time between life/leisure time and your job but making sure you feel fulfilled and connected in both areas of your life. Today’s work culture has changed the standards on balancing your life. The Great Resignation started this idea that you don’t have to stay working for a company that doesn’t value you and your desires.

Our society is starting to understand the importance of flexibility, remote work, and benefits/perks that go beyond the norm.

Ready to make the switch and find a career with a healthy life-work balance? Contact us to help you look for a technology job that fits your lifestyle and not the other way around!

Each candidate and consultant is different and every detail matters. We tailor our interactions with clients and candidates to make sure they are getting what they need. Technology staffing is not a one size fits all solution; each hire requires a unique process. We are a high-touch technology recruiting firm that believes your needs and desires are important.

For technology candidates, what is your long-term career trajectory? What kind of work culture do you thrive in? Do you desire to work from home? Isa life-work balancethe most important thing to you? We want to know!

For technology clients, does your open position require a certain skill that is difficult to find? Do you want someone that will grow within the company? Do you have certain traits you are looking for? We want to know!