Who We Are

People Helping People

OSTechnical™ takes pride in the partnerships we build. We are in the relationship building business. We are not just a technology staffing firm, we love building partnerships and educating clients and candidates on the technology market. OSTechnical ™  is generous with its time, we think about people more and every tiny little detail matters to us.

We want to create, maintain, and strengthen our social connections with our community, clients, and candidates. YOU matter to us! With our people-first philosophy, OSTechnical™  has brought together thousands of candidates and clients to build successful relationships and achieve business goals.

Life Work Balance

You have heard the term “work-life balance” but now we are entering into a world where people are seeing the value in a healthy “life-work balance”. What does this mean?
A healthy life-work balance means different things to different people, depending on your situation. It’s not so much about splitting your time between life/leisure time and your job but making sure you feel fulfilled and connected in both areas of your life. Today’s work culture has changed the standards on balancing your life. The Great Resignation started this idea that you don’t have to stay working for a company that doesn’t value you and your desires.

Our society is starting to understand the importance of flexibility, remote work, and benefits/perks that go beyond the norm.

Ready to make the switch and find a career with a healthy life-work balance? Contact us to help you look for a technology job that fits your lifestyle and not the other way around!

Core Values


We have been taking a different approach to technology staffing since 1998. We believe that taking the time to develop relationships with our candidates and clients is what makes the difference. We believe in true partnerships, and it is at the heart of what we do.


OSTechnical ™ is a high touch service-oriented technology staffing firm that acts as a servant to its clients, consultants, and candidates, always putting their needs at the forefront


OSTechnical ™ believes that transparency is critical to both candidates and clients. Details are equally shared so that both sides are able to carry out a successful engagement together. 

Our process is tailored to the needs of each individual situation, and we will communicate and be honest the entire way. 

A Winning Approach

Our success is predicated on the fact that our team of knowledgeable Account Managers and Technical Recruiters take the time to know and understand the needs of both our candidates and our clients. Our tenured recruiters have the industry knowledge and experience to understand how each candidate can bring and receive value.


Our Process

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