Making IT Cool Again: The Top Three Trends in IT for 2023

With over 25 years in the Information Technology field, OSTechnical has seen all of the fads (rest in peace our sweet, sweet palm pilots). Today we are welcoming a new era of IT solutions ranging from everybody’s favorite, Artificial Intelligence, to sustainable technologies that keep you ahead of the curve while minimizing your carbon footprint. 

At OSTechnical we pride ourselves on our ability to source IT professionals that are at the top of their field and perfectly suited to our clientele. Our world-class technical talent gives you an edge over your competitors and always keeps one eye toward the future. 

Ok, now let’s get into the Top Three Trends in IT for 2023.

The Sense In Artificial Intelligence

How do we make AI work for us? This question has become increasingly common over the past few years. When it comes to IT there are a variety of ways that Artificial Intelligence can contribute to your business meeting its goals in a cost-efficient manner. 

The most interesting trend to us at OST is the concept of explainable AI. What we are moving towards is Artificial Intelligence being able to provide logic and reasoning to its outcomes. In the past, even the creators of AI couldn’t rationalize how it came up with its results.

What does this mean for IT? Well, imagine issues being resolved in customer service with unparalleled speed cutting back on costs. Developing routine software codes will be done with ease and efficiency like we’ve never seen and marketing automation in social media and focused advertising will be done in the blink of an eye.

Making Sustainable Technology Attainable

Today companies know how important it is to emphasize sustainability in every aspect of their business practices but did you know that there are ways to reduce your environmental impact when it comes to IT? You do not have to compromise efficiency for your conscious consumers but rather you can improve your productivity by incorporating eco-friendly business practices from a technological standpoint.

Lean Green Efficiency Machines

An OSTechnical IT professional can guide you toward which green data centers may fit your profile. Through the use of advanced cooling technologies, energy-efficient servers, and renewable energy sources 2023 has been the year of leaps and bounds for sustainability in the IT sector. There is no reason to compromise Mother Earth in the pursuit of being on the cusp of technological advancements.

Plug Into Renewable Energy 

Take a trend and make it your bottom line. Why not start with running all tech on 100% renewable energy? As of 2020 4-6% of the world’s electricity was being gobbled up by information and communication technology. There is no need to be a part of the problem with the increased availability of solar and wind power that can meet your IT and data needs.

Embrace The Cloud

This has been the year of cloud-based solutions. In 2023 we have been experiencing an ongoing move towards accepting the cloud as a necessity. It has solidified into a cornerstone of technology solutions. Some of the main trends in cloud computing this year include:

Make Cloudy Cool Again: Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Adoption 

Divide and counter is becoming the name of the game. Using services from multiple cloud providers equals flexibility and scalability. You will reduce outages and the danger of a single point of failure. On the off chance that one of your storage clouds goes down your OSTechnical IT professional can easily route your technology needs to another cloud that is good to go.

The Cutting Edge of Edge Computing

Edge computing is powered by the cloud and with 5G now being widespread businesses can create enhanced experiences for their clients online and increase their profitability. The goal of edge computing is to process data close to where it is generated, enabling fast distillation (this is where the 5G comes in), which results in action-led results in real-time (think self-driving cars or automated retail).  Edge Computing is nothing without the cloud and these two in combination with linking all of your tech to 5G will have you on the razor’s edge of the future.

OSTechnical Is The Staffing Solution You Need To Keep You At The Forefront of Technology

OSTechnical has been the link between thousands of successful candidate-client relationships for over two decades. We pride ourselves on our ability to build money-saving technological solutions for your business with our network of elite technical talent.

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