How Women In Tech Are Navigating Ever-changing Tides

Technically speaking the world of technology is a notoriously male industry. But, we here at OSTechnical are thrilled that in 2024 women are making strides to take tech by storm. Women are spearheading ethical advancements in AI, they are paving the way for gender equality in technology, and most importantly they are advocating for young women to pursue STEM and contribute to a brighter future. Despite ongoing challenges, with determination and resilience women are making the change they long to and deserve to see in the tech world.

At OSTechnical we pride ourselves in our diverse pool of candidates who are sure to meet your company’s IT needs. Here are just a few of the ways women are leading in technology in 2024.

How Are Women Adapting to Tech’s Ever-Evolving Landscape?

The nature of working in tech means keeping up with a constant demand for innovation. As society’s needs shift and change so must the technology we depend upon. Advancements in computer science and engineering are going full steam ahead and women are keeping up in various fascinating ways. 

Emerging Technologies

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly transforming industries. Women are learning new skills and adapting to these technologies to stay competitive in the job market. Women in tech are driving innovation in AI, and developing new AI applications and technologies that are shaping the industry’s future. Their diverse perspectives and experiences are helping to ensure that AI technologies are developed ethically and responsibly. Women are advocating for policies and regulations that promote ethical AI development and address the impact of AI on society. They are working to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used in a way that benefits everyone. [1]

Leadership Roles

More and more women are taking on leadership positions in the tech world; some are stepping in at established organizations while others are leading the pack at their own companies. Diversity and inclusion aren’t buzzwords. They are the foundation of staying ahead of the curb due to the wide range of possibilities, ideas, and most importantly, unique ways of tackling problems that can only be created by a diverse group of professionals that reflect the world we live in today. 


Thrilling female-led organizations are dotting the field of technology everywhere you look. Mentorloop, created by Lucy Lloyd and Heidi Holmes, helps mentors match with mentees to aid organizations in retention. This brilliant company gives employees a door to new skills and developmental opportunities. Jasmine Crowe’s Goodr organizations can track surplus food waste and transform it into tax-deductible charitable donations to support the community that supports them. Women have an eye on using tech to benefit people on and off screen. [2]

Women are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs and innovators, creating startups and developing new technologies. They are bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the tech sector, driving growth and change. They aren’t just navigating tech’s ebbs and flows, they are driving the industry in new and exciting directions. Christina Jones is the CEO of Black Girls Code. The organization recognized black women were underrepresented in tech and they created a solution. Girls and gender-nonconforming people of color between the ages of 7-25 across 16 chapters in America and South Africa have access now to in-demand skills that support their computer programming and world-changing dreams. Black Girls Code ensures that the technology sector is open to all people from every walk of life. [3]

Below are women-led startups that are thriving [6]:

Advocacy and Diversity Initiatives

Women are leading efforts to address gender bias, promote equal opportunities, and create more inclusive work environments. Women are building support networks within the industry to empower and mentor other women who are climbing the ladder. Community building has become essential for women in tech. For every four men who join the industry, there are only 0.68 women.[4] According to Madison de Groot a Software Engineer at Two Barrels LLC, “Currently, I am the only female tech lead in my department, and I coincidentally lead the team with the most female developers. I consider this to be a unique opportunity that will allow for more leadership roles for other under-represented groups within the development workspace.” [5] Women are more than willing to take advantage of their positions to support others’ growth through community, professional development, and education.

Education and Training

As society progresses and technology attempts to keep pace a need for a new class of innovative female tech professionals has presented itself. Women in tech are working to ensure that there must be an emphasis on STEM education and training for girls at every age. Female-helmed initiatives are providing resources and support to help women develop the skills needed for careers in tech. Girls in Tech is just one of these incredible organizations that offers mentorship programs, coding courses, boot camps, and hackathons to support women at all stages of their tech careers. 

Women are integral members of the tech community. Their unique perspectives, experiences, and willingness to take others with them to the top stand out in what is typically thought of as a boy’s club. To meet the needs of an ever-evolving tech world diversity is key. That means pulling up more seats to the table to benefit society and navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology.


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